Letting go of your own name

by Basil

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recorded as a mic test october 26th, 2016 at Dusty Gold Studio with help from Ben Scherer


released May 22, 2017




Thomas Quinttus New York

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Track Name: Tommy's Buncha Song
"Smoke" written by Bedhead

From where i am i can smell the smoke. They're burning something I dont want to know. but, should i really sit here and wait and hope it blows the other way. i wish i could see and turn off my lungs when i run into poisoned air, which may finally be everywhere. i dont want to go to sleep. i don't even think i need it. keep every light turned on cause it seems darker than ever. All the murderous greed ignored by the one's with too may reasons for keeping things running. if i blame them for anything it's nothing more than i blame on myself

"Part Plastic" written by Thom Lombardi
I think about me and the waste that I create. i think about dying and the waste i wouldn't make. I think about my body and the things i've consumed. what of it is toxic and what of it might be good to grow out of this fleshy container. Spore, fungus, maggots, putrefaction delayed. I am part plastic.

"In Light" written by Thom Lombardi

The sunlight takes 8 minutes to get to the surface of your skin. It travels 92.96 million miles to get there. Your skin is a mirror and your past is projected to the sky. If light travels on an infinite continuum of time. Then, everything lives forever in moving images of reflected light.